Diver Chameleon Legion Morale Patch
Diver Chameleon Legion Morale Patch


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SAVING SQUIDS ONE AT A TIME When it comes to blending into the surroundings, Adapt and Survive is the Chameleon’s motto.

Things don’t get more Tier One than the a Chameleon rocking top tactical gear designed for helping you disappear when it matters most.

Site: 90 x 90 mm 200 first buyers get the limited CE with # Artwork Specially crafted high-quality and flexible rubber patch in 3D look, highest quality Contour in 3D optics.

On the back there is a Hook & Loop surface, which is sewn with the patch. Thus, the patch can be easily attached to each loop surface.

The compact size allows fast and individual attachment to patch surfaces, such as, for example, on basecaps, backpacks, jackets, deployment vest, helmets etc.