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Chameleon 169

Chameleon 169

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Chameleon 169, Introducing our latest morale patch creation: the Military Contractor Patch. This patch embodies the essence of adaptability, stealth, and versatility that defines both the chameleon and the world of military contracting. Here's why our Chameleon patch stands out as a symbol of excellence:

The chameleon is renowned for its remarkable ability to change its color and blend seamlessly into its surroundings. This patch pays homage to this unique trait, serving as a visual representation of the adaptive nature of military contractors who seamlessly integrate into various environments and roles to accomplish their missions.

Much like the chameleon's wide range of capabilities, military contractors are known for their diverse skill sets and the capacity to handle a multitude of tasks.

Size 3.7x4.0", Microhook backed with Artcard

Make sure to Tag us @PATCHLAB.DE and Artist @HIWEZ If you like our work and want more of those please use #chameleonlegion when posting pics thanks.

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