Version 1 TactiCat Opurrations Morale Patches Holding and pointing a handgun
Version 2 TactiCat Opurrations Morale Patches With Bones in its mouth, holding hand gun and knife
TactiCat Opurrations Morale Patches Holding two handguns
Version 3 TactiCat Opurrations Morale Patches Holding  a rifle with night vision
TactiCat Opurrations Skull Morale Patches
TactiCat Opurrations

TactiCat Opurrations

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The cat is a small animal which is carnivorous. This is the only domesticated animal of the Felidae family, and is sometimes referred to as the domestic cat to differentiate it from wild family members.

The cat is either a house cat, a farm cat or a wild cat; the latter is free roaming and avoids human interaction.

For all the Killer Cats out there, YES your Cat is a Killer too, dont trust them

TactiCats Opurrators is a Series of 4 Single Cats - each 3" high - by StudioM6 Optins from 1 left to 4 right - ONLY if you order the SET you also get the Opurrations Logo Patch