Stormbound Fluffy Badboxers Morale Patch
Stormbound Fluffy Badboxers Morale Patch Bottom View
Stormbound Fluffy Badboxers Card
Stormbound Fluffy Badboxers Morale Patch and Card

Fluffy Badboxers - Neutral - Feline

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Fluffy Badboxers is a special feline device that, after it attacks, confuses weaker opponents. One can increase the strength of Fluffy Badboxers by leveling it up. Fluffy Badboxers can work well in decks that use their effect of confusion.

u056 Neutral Pawn Rare

Mana 5
Move 1
Strength 4 - 8

After attacking, confuse all weaker enemy units

High Detail Rubber Patch - 9cm longest side - comes with Hook and Loop Backside Molded contour for shape. / Velcro hook side backing is stitched onto PVC for high durability and years of use. / Perfect to add a little Fun to your Base Cap, Jacket, Hoodie, Backpack or any other Piece