Foom The Orc Warlord Morale Patch
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Foom has always had a soft spot for things that go boom boom.. In fact his name used to be Warlord Boom..

Until the rip in space and time brought new technology to him and his clan.. Enjoying the distinctive popping “Thoom”” soundof the grenade launcher delivering its contents into the air.

Warlord Foom understood that this sound struck a more nuanced terror into his foes than the actual explosion. Warlord Foom and his clan of newlyarmed Orcs enjoy raiding through the rip in reality to bring back new treasures for hoarding and salvage.

Agreeing to join the MythicalCreature Corps was Foom’s way of joining in with the glory of combat without being marked as a threat.. He hasn’t even noticed the puny humans yet.. whooping 4 x 4.73 inch