Adventurer Chameleon Cowboy Morale Patches
Adventurer Chameleon Morale Patch Concrete Background
Adventurer Chameleon Morale Patch Camouflage Background

Indiana Cham

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the Worlds most notorious Adventurer Jones

Collector Edition comes with Artwork Card and DIY Coloring Design -

CE is limited to 100 pcs Size: 95 x 105 mm Rubber Patch with MicroHook backing, comes with loop side that can be sewed onto any clothing.

Join the Legion - #Chameleonlegion - With more then 40 Designs the Legion grows every month People who like Morale Patches, Badges, Decals, Art and Comics are sure to love this detailed and colorful Design.

This is a awesome little piece of craft with stunning, colorful graphics, and our unique Tactical Chameleon Legion Theme by HIWEZ.