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Police Officer

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"the Finest" refers to any Police Officer and Firefighter. After our 2019 Firefighter this is the second of the City´s finest

The nicknames for the Police and Fire Departments originated around the Civil War, derived from phrases already in use to praise the valor of soldiers. The other two terms are of more recent vintage.

The firefighters’ nickname most likely came from the term “the bravest of the brave.”

Lyrics from an 1886 musical about the life of a firefighter, Charles McCarthy’s “One of the Bravest,” echoed the idea of a firefighter as a soldier:

“The battle field may have its charms,
For those who fame desire,
Go count the famous battles won,
By those who fight with ‘fire.’”

Limited Edition of 160 - comes with TCG Artcard 

Size 4x4" - 10x10cm TBL Rubber

Join the Legion - #Chameleonlegion - With more then 60 Designs the Legion grows every month People who like Patches, Badges, Decals, Art and Comics are sure to love this detailed and colorful Design.

This is a awesome little piece of craft with stunning, colorful graphics, and our unique Tactical Chameleon Legion Theme by HIWEZ.