Project PH03-NIX Stormbound Morale Patches
Project PH03-NIX Stormbound Morale Patches Bottom View
Project PH03-NIX Stormbound Card
Project PH03-NIX Stormbound Morale Patches and Card

Project PH03-NIX - Ironclad - Construct Hero

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Concept PH03-NIX is a legendary unit of design that is capable of respawning as long as it dies away from the base of your enemy.

The starting power and the force with which it respawns can be increased when leveled. The PH03-NIX concept fits well into deck construction.

u308 Ironclad Hero Legendary

Project PH03-nix Construct Hero

Mana 4 
Move 0 
Strength 4 - 8 

On play, spawn [2 - 5] strength Knights in front of all surrounding enemy units

High Detail Rubber Patch - 9cm longest side - comes with Hook and Loop Backside Molded contour for shape. / Velcro hook side backing is stitched onto PVC for high durability and years of use. / Perfect to add a little Fun to your Base Cap, Jacket, Hoodie, Backpack or any other Piece