Tov's Biography

Tov Hidayat or simply called Tov is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator (or he would prefer to be called as a drawing-man) from Indonesia. His drawings are mostly character designs. Our first collaboration work was back in July 2019, where we turned one of his drawing series called Onivengers into patches--Avengers' superheroes fused with Japanese oni mask.

That's what Tov does, he draws a set of characters and adds some spins to it. He did a lot of amazing drawing series such as bone-masked animals, golden-masked zodiac, beasts of thornes, devil-mask deadly sins and one of his recents works which is a mashup series of popular characters from pop cultures. We have a lot of upcoming collaboration projects with him: all new chameleon legion, Outdoor Patches, Oniformers, specimen jars, and many more!

Tov has been drawing his entire life, but he started posting his works on Instagram on November 2018 right after he resigned his job as a graphic designer in a Printing Company in Bogor City. People love the things he posted on Instagram. Tov gained a lot of followers and clients, since then he's been open for commission work until now. You can find more of his works in his Instagram account: @tovhidayat.

some of his Artworks over the past 2 Years

If you like his work scroll down and get Access now to his 2 last Mashups #2 & #3

you can access the Site now and safe your MASHUP´s


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