Custom Patches

We have a genuine love for fantasy, science fiction and comics as well as tactical decor. Patches, pins, prints, shirts and more; paired with a genuine passion for art and complex designs we challenge ourselves at every opportunity to raise the bar in the morale patch business.

We want everyone to be able to discover the addictive and wonderful world of vibrant, high quality patches; as well as super limited and rare editions for the seasoned collector.

Since 2013 we have been producing patches for Soldiers, Police, Firefighters, EMS, Airsofters, Paintballers and Collectors all over the world. Now we open our services to others who want to get the most out of connecting with their customers, colleagues and friends with personalised patches. No matter if you need something for your Squad or your Shooting, Fishing Club or Football Team

If you want to work with us to turn your ideas into excellent quality products then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the email below and we can work together to bring your thoughts to life.

What can produce for you...
Custom designed:
PATCHES (PVC, EMBROIDERED, Leather, Wooven, Metal...)

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