The Patchlab Process

1. Send over your awesome idea

Email with your project concept to get the conversation started and receive a quote.

2. Supply your artwork

(Or ask Patchlab to create it!)

Ensure a minimum file size of 1MB or more for a good quality visual and in one of the following formats: .AI .PSD .PDF .PNG

3. Receive the blueprint

This will show you the patch line work and any special physical attributes such as 3D effects and specially cut outlines.

4. Receive the model proof photograph

A test proof will be produced and you will receive a high quality photo to check and approve the colouring.

5. Full production

Once the physical proof is approved, Patchlab will produce and quality check the full patch order.

6. Delivery

Receive a tracking code and await delivery of your awesome new patches!

Extra bits!

Put your feet up and let Patchlab sort out any peripheral items you might need for a top quality patch launch. Just ask us about any additional goodies you want in your project. From backing cards and stickers to posters and booklets.

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