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Coin #12 Dwarf

Coin #12 Dwarf

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Inspired by Fantasy RPG and of course Tolkien we are happy to bring you the first  Coins of our fantasy Series filled with small details and memories to long roleplaying sessions

“Sometimes a little bit of coin can open doors better than passwords, so no need to learn an ancient tongue to gain passage through this secret entrance.”

“Let the glimmer of a myth thrill your imagination enough and it will carry you to depths where fire and shadow consume all.” 

the Dwarfs that also inspired the World of ME were based on the dwarfs of Germanic myths who were small humanoids that lived in mountains, practising mining, metallurgy, blacksmithing and jewellery.  

those 2 Coins are 2" on their longest side and their weight is 1.5 oz for the round one with the Gate and 1.1 oz for the Hammer Coin. 

Design by HIWEZART

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