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Molotovia Aid Patch

Molotovia Aid Patch

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4000$ already raised in Donations from your Support!!!

We have Acrylic Patches,  6 times printed and UV hardened, Rubber and Twill Patches, of each sold Patch 5$ will go to the Ukraine Bank to help them getting whatever they need.

And they come with the amazing Art provided by
Donate to the UA Forces 

There are no words I can find to describe the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine. Families torn apart and people who once lived a life perhaps comparable to our own now taking up arms and fighting their invaders in the streets. Fighting against an army who are bombing hospitals and cutting off civilian routes of safe passage to neighbouring countries.

The spirit of Ukraine endures however, as the country receives aid from many parts of the world and also turns inward to advise and assist its people, television and radio networks coaching Ukrainian people in making Molotov cocktails to defend and repel their attackers.

And so in awe of this incredible, steadfast feat of bravery it is our small contribution to present a newly wrapped design. Molotovia is originally part of the BoomBros series of characters. But now joining together, Hiwez, Patchlab and Ukraine’s own Pravda Brewery are proud to stand with Ukraine and offer as much support through and with the help of the patch community.

The glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished. and we will continue to make them here as long you support them

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