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SXVN #18 Santa

SXVN #18 Santa

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The Sengoku-inspired Santa Claus in the image is a truly unique and eye-catching figure. He is wearing a mix of Santa Robe and samurai armor and greaves. He is also carrying a katana sword in one hand and a sack of presents in the other.

Santa's face is weathered and lined, suggesting that he has seen many years of battle. He has a determined expression on his face, as if he is prepared to defend his presents from any who would try to steal them.

The overall effect of the image is both whimsical and intimidating. It is a clear reminder that Santa Claus is not just a jolly old elf who gives out presents. He is also a powerful warrior who is ready to protect his people and their holiday traditions.

SXVN’s Patch #18 more then yarn it's an artful merge of 2 worlds colliding. an piece for collectors of Japanese history and Christmas Traditions.

Limited to 200 Pieces with # numbered Artcard, 6 inch finest embroidery Patch with hook backing & loop counterpiece. 

There are more in the Series that you can find here -> SXEVEN X PATCHLAB bringing you amazing Designs for your Patch Collection -  another Sengoku Character inspired by Popculture Themes. 

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