Custom Coins

Unique Custom Challenge Coins Tailored for Your Unit or Department!


Are standard patches just not cutting it for your unit anymore? Are you on the hunt for something distinctive, sophisticated, perhaps a memorable gift?

Look no further! Alongside our array of patches, Patchlab presents a diverse selection of merchandise items – all customized to suit your desired design! We don't compromise on quality – each product we print and embroider undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets your standards.

Allow us to guide you through our product range and offer insights on how to elevate the appearance of your new custom coins!

We're here to provide personalized advice and craft a compelling offer just for you :)

Why Custom Coins?

Custom coins are not merely an American tradition anymore! In Germany, too, an increasing number of Bundeswehr, police, and fire brigade members carry these coins as a token of their service and camaraderie – always prepared for the customary coin check ;)

To ensure your coins stand the test of time, it's crucial to find a reputable producer. A visually stunning coin is only part of the equation; it must also be durable and robust. Just as with our patches, Patchlab's custom coins epitomize quality craftsmanship!

Metal Finishes

When embarking on your custom coin journey, the first decision after designing your graphics (details available here) is selecting the metal finish. We offer a choice of 15 distinct metal finishes. Antique silver remains a popular choice (as seen on police and fire department coins atop the banner).

Our metal finish selection is tailored to complement your motif. Golden coins complement green motifs excellently, while silver ones enhance red motifs. Let us assist you in choosing the perfect metal finish for your corporate or unit coin :)

Coin Borders

Next, you'll choose the coin's edge. Want to steer clear of a standard circular edge? No problem! We offer the option to create a custom border that will encircle your motif beautifully.

Background Textures and Patterns

Why settle for a plain coin when you can have one with texture and character? At Patchlab, you can select from a variety of textures and patterns to adorn your custom coin. Simply specify your preferences when placing your inquiry or order. Don't see a texture you like? Share a photo of a sample coin, and we'll replicate it according to your specifications!


Depending on your motif, we offer either 2D or 3D embossing for your custom coins. Simple elements like coats of arms, text, and borders are rendered in 2D embossing, creating a layered effect above the background.

Complex designs such as animals, vehicles, or buildings require the finesse of 3D embossing to capture their intricate details. With 3D embossing, you can feel the texture of an eagle's feathers or the contours of a building, adding depth to your coin's design. Please note, we advise against depicting recognizable faces or individuals on coins.

For added flair, 2D embossed elements can be displayed in color.

For further visual references, feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise, trust in our expertise – we'll select the optimal option for you :)

Custom Engraving

A coin symbolizes belonging and respect within most units. To underscore this significance, we offer custom engraving services using laser technology. Whether it's a number, abbreviation, or rank + name, design your coin to your liking! Choose between black or metal-colored engraving. This service is available on all edge types except for contoured special shapes. And the best part? It's included at no extra cost :)

Coin Presentation

By default, our coins are delivered in soft plastic packaging at no additional cost. For a more elegant presentation, suitable for ceremonial awards or gifts, we offer a selection of cases. The size of the packaging will be tailored to fit your chosen coin size. Opt for a velvet box in your preferred color and customize it with a text of your choice (additional charges apply). We offer printing colors in black, silver, and gold. Mix and match packaging options to suit your needs – from velvet boxes to acrylic capsules. Pricing for cases is calculated based on the quantity purchased, as outlined in our offer.

Additional packaging options such as leather cases, acrylic stands, or wooden boxes are available upon request.

Key Features of Patchlab's Custom Coins :

  • Delivery time: 3 - 4 weeks (express delivery available)
  • Minimum purchase: 20 coins (applies to repeat orders as well, non-negotiable!)
  • Laser engraving included
  • Attractive volume pricing
  • Option for 3D embossing (additional charge)
  • Sample coin available (additional charge)
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • Discounts for repeat orders (from 20 pieces)
  • Graphic design assistance available (additional cost)

Contact us today for a personalized quote :)

Coin Procurement Guide

Step 1: Reach out to us via email or order form with details including desired quantity, metal finish, edge type, and motif. Provide a finished file, sketch with explanations, or reference photos of coins you admire.

Step 2: We'll promptly prepare a customized offer for you. Upon acceptance, we'll require your billing and delivery details to finalize the order. This is also the stage where we'll confirm the motif details via email correspondence.

Step 3: If you opt for our graphic design service, expect to receive a coin design within 2-7 days. Review the design carefully and communicate any desired changes. We'll revise the graphic until you're fully satisfied. This step is omitted if you provide your own design.

Step 4: Upon approval of the design or receipt of your finished coin graphic, we'll proceed to create the technical rendering for your review. This detailed view showcases all aspects of the coin's design, allowing for one final check before production commences. Sample coins are available for an additional fee.

Step 5: Production begins once you approve the technical rendering. An invoice will be issued for payment, which can be settled via bank transfer, PayPal, or cash upon collection. For government entities or institutions, we offer purchase on account with a payment term of 30 days from receipt of goods. Production typically takes 3-4 weeks, with expedited options available for an extra fee.

Step 6: Upon receipt of payment and completion of production, your coins will be promptly dispatched to your specified address. You can update the delivery address as needed.

Step 7: Unbox your coins, revel in their quality, and consider leaving us a review on Facebook

We showcase customer orders on our social media channels unless requested otherwise. For assistance or inquiries, contact us at :

We eagerly anticipate hearing from you!