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5 in 1 Drop of some long awaited acrylic CYBRPNK patches. Those highly detailed patches are 5" (125mm) with microhook backing. as all our Acrylic it glows like hell if exposed to a light source. Limited to 150 Pieces each Patch comes with a Artcard.

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that emerged in the 1980s, typically set in a dystopian future where advanced technology and computers have changed the world in significant and often destructive ways.

The genre often features anti-heroes, social outcasts, and hackers who navigate a world dominated by powerful corporations, artificial intelligence, and cybernetic enhancements.

Cyberpunk works frequently explore themes such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the impact of technology on society and the human condition. Cyberpunk has influenced a wide range of media, including films, video games, and literature.

This were part of our collectible Cyberpunk Patch series from our collaboration with Tov. He is a talented illustration with a lot of awesome drawing series, one of them is the Oniverse series. 

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