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Astro Panda - small

Astro Panda - small

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the new 3 inch Astro Panda fits on all your Caps

Panda, the Lil' Dipper! Since America was the first to land on the moon, Sad Panda trynna be the first Panda to land on the sun. He's wondering if he might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and he heard that having a good amount of sunlight can help with that so he figured that a trip to the sun might help. I dunno about that Sad Panda! There's gotta be a better, less scorching way!

This one comes in White, Black and Boba Green. Each is limited to 100 pieces - the Patches are 3" high and Velcro backed and come in a Zip Bag with Artcard.  Find more 7Sketches

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