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Battle the Beach

Battle the Beach

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We are  stoked an super proud to present you the official Mascot of the BattletheBeach the Seagull.

We had so much fun creating them and even more fun bringing them to the beach, we have #deadlift #doubleunder #lunges #kettlebells and much more

each Gull is 3" or 7.5cm in height, 3D Rubber with hook and loop backing

we met so many cool people over the weekend and had a lot of really good talks... so be prepared to see many more great patches going out to CF Boxes all over Europe in the future... 

One of the biggest fitness competitions in Europe takes place in Northern Germany. The competition with numerous challenges for every CrossFit athlete on different levels for teams.

For 2021 it was the biggest Fitness event in its category with over 360 athletes and over 5.000 spectators! For three days in Rostock-Warnemünde on the promenade, at the beach of the Baltic Sea and on the water will be the next fight for the first place in 2024

Powerful training sessions will challenge everyone, including lifting, swimming, running, moving odd objects and much more, leading to the only functional fitness program in Europe heading for the Baltic Sea.


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