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Chameleon #150

Chameleon #150

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"Little Green Men"

The phrase "little green men" (Russian: зелёные человечки, romanized: zelyonye chelovechki; Ukrainian: зелені чоловічки, romanized: zeleni cholovichky) refers to masked soldiers in unmarked green army uniforms and carrying modern Russian military weapons

and before you jump to any conclusions… this don’t support the Russian invasion by any means. 

Size: 3.5 inch Rubber Patch featuring Hook backing, comes with loop side that can be sewed onto any clothing. Has Artwork Card in the Bag

 Design HIWEZART.COM #jointhelegion 

Collect all our chameleon legion patches here at At the time of this drop we have 150 Designs done

We are making quality with very detailed chameleon patch designs. Home of the legendary Legion - everything Chamelonized from all Genres and Popculture Themes

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