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Chameleon 167

Chameleon 167

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Chameleon 167, another accessory for your Halloween-themed look. Its genre-specific morale patch brings horror and fear to any ensemble, while its remarkable design makes it an exclusive eye-catcher. Make a statement while adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.  

The chameleon motif adds a unique twist to the patch, symbolizing adaptability and the ability to blend into different environments. This combination of the theme and the chameleon creates an intriguing and visually striking design.

The patch serves as a homage to the movies, capturing the essence while adding an unexpected and captivating element. It is sure to appeal to fans of both the horror genre and those who appreciate creative and distinctive artwork.

Size 3.7x4.0", Microhook backed with Artcard

Make sure to Tag us @PATCHLAB.DE and Artist @HIWEZ If you like our work and want more of those please use #chameleonlegion when posting pics thanks.

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