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Chameleon 173

Chameleon 173

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#173 features a stylized character, known from the video game series, in a chameleon-themed outfit. he is depicted with his characteristic blond hair and cheerful expression, giving a thumbs-up with one hand. dressed in a detailed blue and yellow jumpsuit, complemented by rugged gear such as a backpack, ammunition, and a utility belt. Notable additions include a Pip on his wrist, a high-tech device central to his adventures, and other survival equipment strapped across his body, reflecting a blend of adventure readiness and post-apocalyptic survival themes.

3D sculpted PVC Patch Size 3.5x3.8", Hook backed

Make sure to Tag @PATCHLAB.DE and Artist @HIWEZ If you like our work and want more of those please use #chameleonlegion when posting pics thanks.

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