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Back In the summer of 2018 a Member of German Kampfschwimmer from Eckernförde approached us to start a project that was close to their hearts, the protection of sharks. Therefore we had HIWEZ create a design and work together with the "Shark Project".

From every sold patch 5$ go to the Project. You can find more information about this topic at Of course it would be great if you could continue to support their actions.

We will continue the series and release a new Shark once a year. If you are a Member of a Unit yourself or want to support the Project with an own Patch contact us.. The combat swimmers of the German Navy form the maritime component of the special forces of the German Federal Armed Forces.

Their area of responsibility is wide and includes mainly command operations in the course of coastal warfare. This means that they are deployed in all elements: at sea, on land and airworthy from the air, both by landing with helicopters and in free-fall jumps.

Size 83 x 84 mm / 3.3 x 3.4 inch 3D Rubber Patch with Combat Diver in Flecktarn Gear, Boonie etc.

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