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The Rhino stands for the frantic fight we keep on against the plague of poaching. Every snare found and removed without any animal trapped in means saving a life. This is what we are committed to: protection and prevention.

High 3D effects on the Rubber and Laser Cut Snares on the threaded version. Both versions are 4 inch / 10cm high and are hook backed and have the loop piece attached as well.  15$ of each Patch go to C.R.O.W.

C.R.O.W. is a Non-Profit organization in the US; their mission as an International, Educational Institution is to establish and train Rangers to a set standard in the skills necessary to support, train, and supplement anti-poaching and conservation efforts worldwide. 

This is one of the Projects that makes a difference, like the Shark, Koala and Animal Rescues i made before the CROW RHINO is special to me and i call all other Artists, Makers and Partners to help. No matter if you can Contribute a Design, make an own Patch or send Gear and Backpacks or whatever they need. (Special Thanks to Helikon-Tex, HIWEZ for the Design and others who did before)

Our final mission is to set an international quality standard for international Rangers operating in dangerous areas and to provide volunteers and researchers to parks in need.

You can make Donations here

If you would like to donate materials that could be helpful to our Rangers please send an email to 

A conservation Ranger is a security operator whose mission is to understand and protect our planet's biodiversity.  

If you feel you want to give yourself to a great cause, C.R.O.W. Rangers commit themselves to wildlife conservation all around the world: whatever your background is (Former-Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Paramedics or just enthusiast), if you're healthy and 18-55 years old, you can join us and make the difference becoming a Conservation Ranger!


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