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CYBRPNK HUNTER a striking fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics and predatory strength. This embroidered patch showcases the thrilling blend of futuristic technology and primal instincts, making it a perfect accessory for those who embrace the cutting-edge world of cybernetics and the untamed spirit of the predator.

The patch features a sleek and menacing cybernetic predator, its metallic limbs and glowing cybernetic eyes exuding an air of power and dominance. The intricate details, from the sharp fangs to the intricate circuitry, are meticulously embroidered with high-quality threads, ensuring a visually stunning and durable design.

This mixed morale patch is a symbol of the duality within, representing the balance between advanced technology and raw animalistic instincts.

Whether attached to your jacket, backpack, or tactical gear, the CYBRPNK Predator patch is sure to make a bold statement, showcasing your affinity for the cyberpunk genre and your unwavering determination to conquer the urban jungle. Embrace your inner predator and let this unique patch unleash its fierce energy, adding a touch of rebellious style to your everyday life.

each is 5 Inch in height and limited to 125 Pieces with a matching Artcard -  a CYBR BUCKET Series Patch

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