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The Cyberpunk Design takes inspiration from the colors, shapes, and patterns found in pop art, using vibrant shades of pink, yellow, and blue to create a visually striking appearance.

each is 5 Inch in height and limited to 125 Pieces with a matching Artcard - those are the first two of a new Series of Pop Art Patches

The Cyberpunk face designed to resemble iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe, with the same blonde hair, red lips, and distinctive beauty. The robot's eyes could be designed to be large, expressive, and possibly even light up like in Warhol's painting.

This design of a mashup between the the iconic pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe and a robot feature a humanoid Cyberpunk with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, taking inspiration from Warhol's colors, shapes, and patterns, and incorporating a face that closely resembles the famous Marilyn Monroe portrait. The Patch creates a dynamic and engaging experience that combines elements of art and technology.

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