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DWA #3 ENMA Patch

DWA #3 ENMA Patch

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Enma no geisha is a Japanese term that refers to a geisha who is possessed by Enma, the Buddhist god of the underworld. This geisha is often depicted as being eerie and dangerous, and is said to lure people into the underworld.

The term Enma no geisha is sometimes also used to describe a geisha who is in a difficult or dangerous situation. In this case, the term is used to depict the geisha as a victim of circumstances that she cannot control.

In Japanese mythology, Enma is the god of the underworld and the judge of the dead. He is often depicted as a fearsome and terrifying god who judges the souls of the deceased in the underworld.

The idea of a geisha possessed by Enma is an interesting concept that explores the dark side of geisha culture. It is a myth that highlights the dangers of life as a geisha and the power of fate.



Embroidery is limited to 100 (95 out), you get 4.5 inch of fine embroidery with hook backing & loop counterpiece.  

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