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ESH Support Human

ESH Support Human

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The patch is a playful take on the emotional support animal concept, suggesting that the wearer is an emotional support human and should not be petted, mimicking the instructions often seen on service animal vests.

The image shows a round morale patch with a black and white color scheme. The central symbol is a Star of Life, which is typically associated with emergency medical services. The Star of Life in this patch has the usual six branches and the Rod of Asclepius (a snake entwined around a staff) in the middle. Surrounding the star is a circular band containing the text "DO NOT PET" at the top and "EMOTIONAL SUPPORT HUMAN" at the bottom. The acronym "E•S•H" is at the center of the top half, above the star. Two paw prints flank the acronym on either side. 

Do not Pet - do not feed

3.2" / 8cm PVC White Glow Patch with Hook backing

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