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Embrace the burn with a smirk using our "Burpees Nemesis" Patch! This cheeky accessory is a salute to the grueling but gratifying ordeal of burpees, a staple in any Box regimen that we all love to loathe.

Crafted with vivid green embroidery that echoes the vitality (and sometimes the envy of those who make it look easy) of this full-body exercise. This patch is the perfect embellishment for your gym wear, adding a touch of rebellion to your workout ensemble.

Its easy on application means you can attach it to almost anything from your favorite workout pack to your duffel bag. Wear it as a badge of courage, a mark of your gritty determination, or simply to share a laugh with your fellow fitness enthusiasts. With this patch, you'll not only show off your CF dedication but also your ability to face the toughest workouts with a bit of humor!

2.75x2.75 inch, massive 3D embroidery Pop up Patch with Hook and loop backing for your Weight Vest, Carrier, Backpack, Base Cap and all other loops

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