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Firecrew #1

Firecrew #1

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This is the latest addon to our Series of Firefighters

the Hotshots are 3" each and are backed with hook and also loop piece to hold on your Gear. The Smokejumper Cham is 3.5"

Hotshots: (hand crews) there are 3 distinct types of handcrews. Hotshots are the highest tier and are icons of the trade. They cut line the fastest, climb the steepest territory, and can stay in remote areas the longest with minimal support.

Helitak: They are crews inserted by helicopter, quickly reaching remote country to suppress fire or set up forward operating base camps to quickly enhance command presence on the ground.

Engine crews: who work on brush fire engines. They respond typically like structure fire departments but their off-road style engines can travel rugged terrain quickly or allow them to chase fast grass fires by mobile attack.

Smoke-jumpers: are legends of the sky, they work in small groups and parachute into the most remote areas by fixed-wing aircraft. They are completely self sufficent for the first few operational periods and can make the difference whether more crews would be needed or not.

Special thanks to David Zamora and his Crew



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