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also available FireengineThe Firefighter: Fleeing from a conflagration may be a matter of common sense, yet it demands a far superior wisdom, rigorous training, and the conquering of innate fears to advance toward the flames. Globally, an assembly of such valorous individuals is established. These brave souls grapple with the primal forces of nature, transform hazardous situations into realms of order, and, perhaps most notably, rescue our cherished feline companions from precarious perches.

We dedicate this tribute Patch in honor of those who daily hazard their own lives for the salvation of others. Taking hold of the elements, turning potentially perilous scenarios into controlled environments and, some would say most importantly of all, saving our cats from trees. Starting with we make this tribute Patch for those risking their lives every day to save others

Glow in the Dark Version Size 75.00 x 61 mm / 3 x 2 inch Also available are all other from the Firefighter Collection

also available Fireengine

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