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This is the second Foo Dragon by Dhika

A foo dog (also known as a Chinese guardian lion) is a traditional Chinese statue that typically appears in pairs and is believed to have protective powers. These statues are often placed at the entrance of buildings such as palaces, temples, and homes to guard against evil spirits and bring good luck and fortune.

The foo dog is often depicted as a powerful, lion-like creature with a muscular body, a bushy mane, and a fierce expression. The male foo dog is usually depicted with a ball or orb under its paw, which represents the world, while the female is depicted with a cub under her paw, representing nurturing and protection.

In Chinese mythology, the foo dog is associated with the god of wealth, and it is believed that owning a pair of foo dogs can bring prosperity and good fortune to the household.

This is the second Design we made based on an Artwork from DWA Dhikaworkart - the FOO LION is limited to 100 Pieces and comes with # numbered Artcard, you get 5 inch of fine embroidery with hook backing & loop counterpiece.  There will be more Designs coming by Dhika very soon, so if you like Asia Classic Designs and Themes this will be something to collect... we have a matching Shirt 

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