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Mecha Magikarp

Mecha Magikarp

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Do you remember the Mecha by Angelica “Dandy” Vannini? It became a fan-favorite, it made her reach second place of drawmearobot dtiys and gain the awesome prize by sketched_reality. 

Quality is incredible, details are stunning: I still can’t believe how he was able to translate my art into such cool gadgets. Things that are worth to be collected! And you will be able soon: follow his page to be sure to know the date of release: you can purchase the embroidery one or the rubber one (I’d say: why not both?). 

SIze is 4 inch square.  Each patch also comes with a very special back card art displaying the vengeful, the mind behind the Mecha. Limited to 100 per Patch with Card. 

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