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Mr. Poe Patches

Mr. Poe Patches

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We took a cool AI and move him through the Dimensions of Time and Space


These rubber morale patches feature a collection of stylized characters, all with a consistent facial design characterized by a large mustache and serious expressions. Each character is dressed in a distinct and recognizable costume from various popular culture references:

  1. White-haired Scientist - Dressed in a suit with a purple tie, holding a pipe.
  2. Detective in Black Suit - Wearing a black suit with a bowtie, holding a pumpgun.
  3. Silent Film Actor - Sporting a bowler hat, a dark suit, and carrying a cane.
  4. Yellow Hazard Suit - Wearing a yellow hazmat suit and holding a respirator mask.
  5. Red Hooded Heist Leader - Clad in a red jumpsuit, holding a mask that resembles Salvador Dali.
  6. Video Game Plumber - Dressed in a red hat with an "M," blue overalls, and holding a wrench.
  7. Space Ranger - Wearing a green and white spacesuit with a purple trim and a winged backpack.

3 inch finest Rubber with Hook backing for fast patching 


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