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Pin #8

Pin #8

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Shop for our latest and modern pins, patches, collectible items, and t-shirts.
Express your unique personality by wearing one of the best custom lapel pins, Mando lapel pin is one of our collectible item, get one and enjoy wearing one of these cool lapel pins.

We have a vast variety of pins and patches so you can find a metal pin that suits you. You can checkout our pin collection for the very best unique or custom pins and patches.

These metal pins can be attached to a bag, jacket, or displayed on a piece of fabric.

New 2 inch double posted skull faced fett pins available. Each colorway has different run quantities. So each pin is priced according to how low the run. Concept und Design by Burn353 €25 skull faced Fett “ghost face killa” white and gold. only 20 made.Numbered 1-20 €20 skull faced Fett “neon warrior” lime green only 40 made.Numbered 1-40 €15 skull faced Fett “night stalker” grey tones only 60 made.Numbered 1-60 €10 skull faced Fett “the hunter” hunter green normal colored only 80 made.Numbered 1-80
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