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Poptank and Ceasar

Poptank and Ceasar

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This illustration by "Egor Klyuchnyk" | UA Illustrator is dedicated to a successful military operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia 

The first shows a Poptank, a popular stylized scene of a destroyed tank, referred to as a "poptank," in a field. The tank is shown as heavily damaged, with its turret and parts scattered. It is filled with white popcorn, spilling out and scattered around the tank, emphasizing the "poptank" theme.and the other one the "Ceasar Kunikov"

On 14 February 2024, the Ukrainian military announced its forces had hit the Ceasar Kunikov with several unmanned surface vehicles (USV) while it was off Crimea, which they say caused it to sink. The sinking of the ship has been confirmed by Russian sources. she joined the Moskva Flagship of the Black Sea Fleet... pretty impressive for a nation without naval fleet

Egor has started this Series Mid January 2024 when the AFU downed this specific Plane. more Scenes from the War in the Ukraine will follow up. 10% of the Sales go to the create more artwork :)

Patches are 3.5" in height - Hook backed and come with a Artcard that also work as Postcard. 

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