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Helikon-Tex Reversible Swagman Roll

Helikon-Tex Reversible Swagman Roll

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The Reversible Swagman Roll® combines the features of a blanket, sleeping bag, poncho, and lining.

It includes the benefits of all these things but none of their weaknesses.

It is light and warm thanks to its filling with advanced Climashield Apex ® insulation with a weight of 67g/m2. To turn the Reversible Swagman Roll ® into a sleeping bag, zip up the edges. Also, it creates a set with our Poncho U.S. Model. Optionally, you can fasten the waist with buckles, and the material will be closer to the body, like an emergency jacket. Reversible Swagman Roll® is perfect for camping, in the car, or as part of the equipment of the BOB escape backpack.

This version of our classic Swagman Roll® poncho has an additional feature: it is double-sided, so you can better adapt your look to your surroundings.

In the past, trappers, soldiers, and swagmans (slang in Australia: hired traveling workers) warmed themselves with woolen rolled blankets. Over time, those blankets were replaced by synthetic lining, which, together with the poncho, served as rain insulation.

Today, the Reversible Swagman Roll® uses modern technologies to do all of it even better according to the #JourneyToPerfection philosophy.

Weight [g] 782
Dimensions Unfolded: 145 x 200 cm / 57,09 x 78,74 in , Folded: 26 x 29 x 14 cm / 10,24 x 11,42 x 5,51 in
Material Main: 100% Nylon, Padding: 100% Polyester
Grammage [g/m2] 42
US PATENT No D887,461 S
PART EUROPEAN PATENT No 003792290-0001

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