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This really Big 10 inch Collectible is the first of Vietnam Artist Michael Angle (SSEN DOLL).  His hand drawn Artworks are as beautiful as colorful and he tells stories of the folklore and history of his homeland...Vietnam

In Vietnamese culture, as in many other East and South East Asian societies, the dragon plays a very prominent role. It is arguably the most sacred of the four mythical creatures – the dragon, the phoenix, the unicorn and the turtle – and its pre-eminence is closely related to the birth of the nation. 100 of them stay in Vietnam and 100 of them are sold here worldwide

Legend has it that Lạc Long Quân, king of the dragons who lived in the water, married Âu Cơ, a fairy from the bird kingdom. She gave birth to 100 sons and her first-born son became King Hùng Vương of Lạc Việt, the first dynasty of Vietnam. The word “Long” in the name of the legendary Lạc Long Quân (Dragon Lord of the Lac) is a Hán-Việt word which also means dragon, or rồng in modern Vietnamese. Hence there is a proverb saying that the Vietnamese are con rồng cháu tiên or “children of the dragon and grandchildren of the fairy”.

Michael Angle was born in Thai Binh city that locates in the North of Vietnam. This is a Vietnamese artist who loves being creative freedom. One of his hobbies is learning History, hence he ran a brand that specializes in making Vietnamese Historical Figures. 2 Years ago, he had did some sketches for his new project, then showed to some people – incidentally, Michael got many positive feedbacks, people love his art works, that is the reason why he is still working on creating and drawing so far. In general, his art works are also most based on his country’s Historical Fairy Tails, Culture and History. He aims to create new idea, in order to educate the community, so now his facebook always be followed by thousands facebook users (32.022 in particular – in May 2021). His vision is to delivery as many as Vietnamese images and stories to abroad possible, so foreigners will have chances to know more about his country
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