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SXVN #17

SXVN #17

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Dive into a mesmerizing fusion of history and pop culture with the SXVN Patch #17. Transport yourself to the tumultuous era of the Sengoku period in Japan, where powerful daimyos and samurai warriors ruled and clashed for territorial dominance. Then, marry that aesthetic with the contemporary coolness of the iconic White Ranger.

The patch features intricate designs inspired by traditional Japanese armor, intertwined seamlessly with the sleek lines and emblematic features of the White Ranger. Crimson and gold shades reminiscent of the Sengoku era perfectly complement the pristine white and silver that he was known for.

At the center of the patch, the White Ranger’s helmet merges with the fierce kabuto of a samurai, showcasing a stylized tiger symbol, a nod to the White Tigerzord. Surrounding the helmet, the patch is framed by sakura blossoms, signifying the fleeting beauty and fragility of life amidst warfare.

SXVN’s Patch #17 is not just a patch—it's an artful representation of two worlds colliding. It’s perfect for collectors who appreciate the rich tapestry of Japanese history and the enduring allure of the Rangers universe. Wear it with pride and stand out in any crowd.

Limited to 200 Pieces with # numbered Artcard, 6 inch finest embroidery Patch with hook backing & loop counterpiece. 

There are more in the Series that you can find here -> SXEVEN X PATCHLAB bringing you amazing Designs for your Patch Collection -  another Sengoku Character inspired by Popculture Themes. 

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