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SXVN #19 X

SXVN #19 X

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The Patch shows another intricately designed embroidered Art by SXVN. This one features a Ronin fighter, a masterless samurai, depicted with a fierce and formidable expression. The figure is wearing traditional samurai armor with a modern twist, evident in the stylized design elements. The helmet is ornate, with a prominent crest, and the mask carries an aggressive demeanor with red and white accents, highlighting the character's warrior nature.

The armor is detailed with various textures and patterns, suggesting different materials—metal for the armor plates, which are in shades of blue and brown, and perhaps leather for the undergarments, shown in a deep, rich brown. The Claws are particularly notable; they are fashioned into the shape of blades, which implies that this Ronin is equipped for close combat and capable of delivering deadly strikes.

There's a contrast in the design with the bright colors of the gloves and helmet against the darker tones of the armor and clothing, creating a visually striking appearance. The use of shadow and light in the embroidery adds depth and dimension to the character, giving a sense of movement and vitality.

SXVN’s Patch #19 more then yarn it's an artful merge of 2 worlds colliding. an piece for collectors of Japanese history and Comic Fans.

Limited to 200 Pieces with # numbered Artcard, 6 inch finest embroidery Patch with hook backing & loop counterpiece. 

There are more in the Series that you can find here -> SXEVEN X PATCHLAB bringing you amazing Designs for your Patch Collection -  another Sengoku Character inspired by Popculture Themes. 

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