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SXVN #20

SXVN #20

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The Patch shows another intricately designed embroidered Art by SXVN. this new patch design features our fav character dressed in a detailed suit. The suit has armored elements, with shades of red and black predominating, accented with touches of blue and silver, suggesting a well-equipped figure ready for action.

Multiple weapons are visible, including katanas on the back, and guns and holsters on the hips, indicating a warrior with a mix of traditional and modern armaments.

The intricate stitching gives it a textured and rugged look, ideal for a patch that's both decorative and a statement piece. It’s a design that combines elements of combat readiness with a sense of mystery and resilience.

SXVN’s Patch #20 is a must have for collectors of Japanese history and Comic Fans.

Limited to 200 Pieces with # numbered Artcard, 6 inch finest embroidery Patch with hook backing & loop counterpiece. 

There are more in the Series that you can find here -> SXEVEN X PATCHLAB bringing you amazing Designs for your Patch Collection -  another Sengoku Character inspired by Popculture Themes. 

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