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SXVN #22 the Crow

SXVN #22 the Crow

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The embroidery patch pays homage to the movie "The Crow" with its dark and gothic aesthetic. The central figure, resembling Eric Draven, the protagonist from the film, is portrayed with long, flowing hair and a somber expression. The character is dressed in a tattered cloak, echoing the grunge style of the movie. 

The presence of the crow perched on the character's shoulder is a direct nod to the film's iconic symbol, representing both guidance and the supernatural elements of the story. The use of black, grey, and white threads, with subtle red accents, captures the moody, atmospheric tone of "The Crow," evoking a sense of vengeance and tragedy that defines the film. The detailed embroidery work emphasizes the dark, brooding nature of the character, encapsulating the essence of the movie's visual and thematic style

SXVN’s Patch #22 is limited to 200 Pieces with # numbered Artcard, 5 inch finest embroidery Patch with hook backing & loop counterpiece. 

There are more in the Series that you can find here -> SXEVEN X PATCHLAB bringing you amazing Designs for your Patch Collection -  another Sengoku Character inspired by Popculture Themes. 

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