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From a Place you will not see comes a sound you will not hear Taccats is a feline fighter series from patches by HIWEZ. When you’ve got nine lives to work with you get to learn from your errors.

Beware a taccat with one life. Spotter: Ginger is no ordinary house cat. A spotter by nature, Ginger can spot a field mouse tail from miles away at night. And that’s without the magnification of his spotter optic. Sniper:

Misty can hit a movement target at 3 miles. It’s kind of a party trick. You might think he got his name from his colour but actually it’s his flawless ability to create a pink mist with the pull of a trigger.

The first 200 Buyers of the SET (AND ONLY THE SET) receive the Limited Collector Edition with Special Colored Backing, Trading Cards and numbered Artwork Card You can also buy each of them alone without any extras Sniper 3.3x2.6inch Spotter 3.3x2.3inch

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