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3" high and Design by HIWEZ comes in MC Camouflage with an AK as Rubber Patch or Acrylic Glow Patch

Donated 765 USD for Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces: 2022.06.24 13:30

As our other Aid Patch before we send a part of the Profits to the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. This will bring 5$ per Patch

we also have the Original Bundeswehr Edition for friends and fans - in Flecktarn comes our furry Commando Specially manufactured high-quality and flexible rubber patch in 3D optics, highest quality Contour in 3D optics

On the back there is a hook velcro surface, which is sewn with the patch. Thus the patch can be fastened on each loop surface completely simply.

The compact size allows a quick and individual attachment to patch surfaces such as basecaps, backpacks, jackets, vests, helmets, etc..

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