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UNICORN V1 Predator

UNICORN V1 Predator

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Tactical Unicorn "Thunderhoof”: First of his name - last of it's kind. Cute, Sweet, Adorable ... ?? Forget everything you think you know about Unicorns and follow our new Mystic Warriors series starting with Thunderhoof!

With our debut collaboration with HIWEZ, we raise the detail in collectible patches to an unprecedented level. you can see 5.11 time on the Field Ops watch, with Plate Carrier Even the horn, earpiece and watch display are Afterglow GID!

Patch with hook-and-loop back Size of 3.94 x 3.38 inch or 8.61 cm x 10 cm Contour in 3D optics For a millennia Unicorns remained aloof in the mythical realms.. Appearing only to aid forest creatures or unwitting adventurers against whatever dark forces plagued or threatened their well-being; bringing balance to all places where chaos grows unchecked..

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