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in a far distant future, when humanity has gone extinct, artificial intelligence took over. This new ruler multiple itself freely and spread across the Earth swiftly like wildfire. They built themselves bodies with a human skeleton as a base, armored by all the things left by the old world like engines, metals, and wires. Their species were called BoneCybr.

Every day, a new form was born, as if they were trying to rebuild humanity. They became police officers, samurai warriors, sportsmen, geisha, any form of life from the past they could mimic. With these machines roaming Earth, a new civilization was created, refined cities were constructed, and an immortal cyberpunk era was established.

The RONIN BONECYBR is the second in the Machine Skull Series by Tov Hidayat...

Limited to 300 Pieces each RUBber (6") and EMBroidery (7") -  The first living SKULL was the PUNISHER and we also have Shirts

This is the a collectible Cyberpunk Mech Design from our collaboration with Tov. He is a talented illustration with a lot of awesome drawing series, one of them is the infamous Oniverse series which you can purchase here at Patchlab.


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