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Relaunch of Wildlife Rescue Charity Project

1370AU$ donated so far and we still have stock left

Before Corona started, Jessica and me were very concerned about the fires in Australia. We really wanted to help, so we decided to create a charity patch and donate the proceeds to a suitable institution in Australia.

We had to wait. And wait. And after a while we wondered whether it makes sense to release this patch at all.

But then we realized that it couldn't be wrong to stand up for the wild animals in Australia. Because unfortunately you have to assume that Australia will not have to fight a fire for the last time.

In addition, most wild animals are threatened with extinction in Australia like nowhere else in the world. And the very same institutions that take care of the animals affected by the fire are also committed to preserving the more than 45 species of wild animal that are now threatened with extinction.

As you know, Jessica´s brand is called "Wild Coyote" - because I love wild animals and they have always fascinated me so much. Therefore I see it as my duty to work for what my heart beats for.

The patch is not limited, because maybe we can use it to create a permanent action. All proceeds will be donated to the "Wires Wildlife Rescue" organization, which you can find out more about on their website at You can now find the patch in the shop at or

Size 4 inch Chenille Patch with Hook backing

We would be very happy if you help.

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