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Hammy the Moose Pig - Cyberhammy

Hammy the Moose Pig - Cyberhammy

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This is the cutest collaboration ever - not only because we share a lot in common but because Hammy is such a adorable Charater.

Only 200 PVC and THREAD were made and they all come with a COA card that Kris did the art for no limit to what you can buy, once they are all sold out they are gone forever!!! Recall how hard the Moosepigs are to find in the 2nd

Quality and Details of these are amazing! Whom ever gets one is going to love it!

If you dont know Kris.... "Hi name is Kris Eliuk, i create hammy a little over a year ago. I just wanted to draw something that hasn't been done so i made a moose pig. This was the second drawing I ever did of him and I even have it tattooed on my leg. Me and andi decided to colab because we both enjoy art and patches and thought it would be fun to incorporate hammy into one of his Chameleons. Hope you all enjoy this limited run."
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